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Oil and gas industry — EnergyPro® Commercial General Liability

Travelers EnergyPro Commercial General Liability coverage is designed to address the general liability exposures that confront businesses operating in the oil and gas industry today. Our integrated coverage approach combines pollution coverage with commercial general liability coverage in the same policy form to provide virtually seamless protection for many types of losses.


  • Bodily injury and property damage liability
  • Personal injury liability
  • Advertising injury liability
  • Medical expenses

Additional benefits

  • Occurrence-based coverage, including for pollution claims or suits
  • Pollution clean up costs coverage for first-party costs you voluntarily incur for above-ground and below-ground sudden and accidental pollution incidents resulting from your oil or gas operations, including operations at your premises, equipment yards and work sites, as well as coverage for third-party claims or suits
  • Pollution bodily injury and property damage coverage for above-ground and below-ground sudden and accidental pollution incidents at your premises, equipment yards or work sites
  • Pollution coverage includes a full 30-day knowledge period and 90-day reporting period for pollution incidents
  • Property damage broadened to include loss of underground resources
  • Contractual liability coverage, for pollution and other claims, with provisions for third-party action-over and pass-through indemnity claims and for certain joint operating agreement expenses assumed by non-operators
  • Coverage for claims or suits brought by co-owners of the working interest in a well

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