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Oil and gas industry — Contractor's equipment

Contractors' equipment presents a great diversity of exposures in a wide variety of environments — afloat, ashore, in cities, in forests or mountains — virtually anywhere. To help keep these assets protected, Travelers Oil & Gas offers contractor's equipment coverage.


  • Scheduled equipment on the policy or in a separate schedule on file with us
  • Unscheduled equipment you own or have in your care
  • Unscheduled equipment you lease or rent from others
  • Newly acquired equipment
  • Pollution clean up and removal

Plus these other enhancements included in your coverage:

  • No weight or load exclusion
  • No exclusion for collapse or collision of booms
  • No flood exclusion
  • No earthquake exclusion
  • No coinsurance

Available coverage options:

  • Waterborne equipment
  • Limited underground coverage for leased or rented down-hole pressure tools
  • Automobile or similar vehicle extension

Travelers offers specialized services to help you prevent serious loss:

Our risk control professionals can assist you with management practices, fire prevention, weather-related perils and natural disasters, transportation, operator practices and security for your contractor’s equipment.

Specialized claims teams are available 24/7 to help you keep operating in the event of a loss. You can be assured that when you need us, we’re here to help.

  • Specialty investigative group that provides the investigation coordination and recovery efforts needed after a loss
  • Specialty heavy equipment division that will perform expert appraisals and consultation

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