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Oil and gas industry - EnergyPro® Control of Well

Travelers EnergyPro® Control of Well* offers oil and gas companies the protection they need when a well blowout occurs, or when wells are physically damaged as the result of other covered perils. Designed for the unique needs of oil and gas companies with this type of risk, our EnergyPro® Control of Well product offers the following:

  • Coverage for costs and expenses related to:
    • Bringing a well back under control
    • Pollution clean-up due to a well out of control event
    • Legal liability for pollution related bodily injury or property damage arising from a well out of control event
    • Redrill and other extra expenses associated with restoring the well to its pre-loss condition
  • Several additional features to give oil and gas companies the protection they need
    • Free Telephone Advice and Consultation Services for well control incidents is provided to Travelers Oil & Gas insureds by Wild Well Control, Inc. This service is available 24 hours a day and there are no restrictions on how often you can call. The goal is to help prevent well control incidents from escalating into catastrophic events
    • The First Sign of Trouble endorsement provides reimbursement for hiring Wild Well Control, Inc. to help manage well pressure control incidents and prevent a well out of control event. Travelers reimburses you for up to $25,000 of the costs you incur for Wild Well Control on-site assistance with hazardous pressure control incidents at an insured well. Your well site personnel get valuable, immediate assistance without worrying about costs
    • The EnergyPro® Care, Custody and Control Broadening amendment provides protection for physical loss of or damage to specified types of non-owned oil or gas field equipment, as well as covered oilfield equipment, while it is in transit to the lease site. This covers financial responsibility, whether legal liability or liability assumed under a written agreement and is not limited to Rental or Lease agreements. For qualifying insureds, Travelers can provide limits up to $40 million
    • The EnergyPro® Limited Pay On Behalf Of (POBO) provision protects your working capital from being diverted to fund a control of well loss. For qualifying insureds, this endorsement allows Travelers to pay covered well control losses, costs or expenses directly to a vendor or other third party. Without this endorsement you would pay those amounts first and then seek reimbursement from Travelers for the covered loss

In partnership with Wild Well Control, Inc., we also offer well control services.

For further information or to purchase EnergyPro® Control of Well from Travelers, please contact an independent Oil & Gas insurance agent or broker. Independent agents with questions can contact Travelers Oil & Gas at 281.606.8610.

Travelers agents can visit Agent HQSM for exclusive content. If you experience any difficulty logging in, please email or call Agency Automation at 800.842.2522.

If you are interested in becoming a Travelers agent, please visit our Become an Agent page.

*Control of Well coverage is offered on either an admitted or non-admitted basis depending on the state. Non-admitted coverage is offered by St. Paul Surplus Lines Insurance Company through selected surplus lines brokers. Surplus lines insurers do not participate in state guaranty funds and therefore insureds are not protected by such funds.

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