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Travelers Oil & Gas: Well Control Services

Incident prevention and well control management

Four factors typically contribute to the escalation of well control incidents. History has shown that the drilling program, rig equipment, rig personnel and corporate preparedness are key areas to address.

Recognizing this, Travelers Oil & Gas has developed an innovative service for incident prevention and well control management. We empower operators and adjusting companies to implement prevention standards and monitor blowout performances, helping to reduce both time and costs.

Travelers is committed to making the oil and gas industry safer by providing our customers with this service to help them deal with and ideally prevent a well blowout.

Services available to control of well clients upon request:

  • Review with clients current well control procedures and service providers
  • Collaborate with clients to identify potential well and rig-related concerns
  • Conduct rig audits for better management and pre-assessment purposes
  • Provide 24 hour access for clients for early intervention of potential well control problems
  • Document all loss of control events as well as critical early response intervention in order to keep a well control problem from escalating
  • Assist adjusters with onsite cost controls as well as post well control claim discrepancies

Travelers Oil & Gas is proud to work with Wild Well Control, Inc. as our preferred well control provider and training resource.

Services available to control of well clients upon request:

For further information or to purchase oil and gas insurance products and services from Travelers, please contact your agent. Find an independent Oil & Gas insurance agent or broker.

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