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Public sector insurance services — Automobile coverage

Coverage provided for unique public entity exposures such as fire trucks, ambulances, police cars, buses, road/street maintenance vehicles and other emergency vehicles.

Key coverage features – Liability

  • Coverage for law enforcement and emergency vehicles
  • Coverage for intentional bodily injury and property damage caused by a covered auto and the use of reasonable force in order to protect people or property
  • Bail bonds coverage
  • Certain expenses incurred by protected persons

Key coverage features – Physical damage

  • Coverage for commandeered autos for law enforcement or firefighting
  • No deductible applies to window glass that has been repaired rather than replaced
  • Mobile coverage for audio and radar detection equipment, if part of normal inventory of vehicle
  • Airbags
  • Personal belongings in a stolen vehicle
  • Fire department endorsement:
    • Coverage for freezing of certain fire truck equipment
    • Reimbursement of deductible for employees or volunteers using a non-owned, hired or borrowed auto while responding to an emergency
  • Coverage for customized equipment attached to an emergency vehicle or public transportation auto


  • Agreed value/stated amount valuation
  • Coverage for employees or volunteers while performing their duties as firefighters
  • Umbrella excess protection

Risk control

  • Fleet specialists who understand the unique challenges faced by public entities in managing their fleet exposures
  • Fleet Safety TravSourcesSM — A one-stop shop for helpful fleet safety management resources such as program guides, checklists and technical bulletins
  • Travelers Virtual Risk ManagerSM — Web-based "Fleet Safety" self-assessment
  • DVD and computer-based training programs for drivers, including large passenger vans, pickups and medium to heavy trucks

For further information or to purchase Public Sector insurance products and services from Travelers, please contact an independent insurance agent or broker.

Travelers agents can visit Agent HQ SM for exclusive content. If you experience any difficulty logging in, please email or call Agency Automation at 800.842.2522.

If you are interested in becoming a Travelers agent, please visit our Become an Agent page.

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