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Technology insurance — Real world international claim stories

Tough situations made easier because Global CompanionSM and a world-class claim organization from Travelers were there to help.

Coverage Module Real World Claim Scenario Global Companion Coverage Response
Commercial Property - Theft Loss Ten laptops are taken from the policyholder's premises in Germany. The theft takes place during the lunch hour when no one is around. The local German insurer denies coverage because there was no forced entry. Travelers Global Companion Premier Property Protection provides DIC (difference-in-conditions) coverage due to the German insurer's denial of coverage.
Commercial General Liability - Products Liability A Malaysian manufacturer of electronic equipment alleges that a component part made by the policyholder was defective and caused damage to its product. Because of the defect, the manufacturer is forced to destroy several batches of the finished product. The manufacturer files a lawsuit in Malaysia against the policyholder. The policyholder's U.S. general liability policy does not cover lawsuits brought outside the U.S. Travelers Global Companion Commercial General Liability Protection covers defense costs and provides indemnification for product liability claims and suits for covered bodily injury or property damage brought against the policyholder in Malaysia and around the world.
Transportation Expense An employee of the policyholder, a U.S.-based telecommunications company, suffers a heart attack in his hotel room while on a business trip to Hong Kong. Medical professionals determine that the employee needs to be transported back to the U.S. for further medical care. The employee's special transportation arrangements include an ambulance to the airport, business-class airline seats, and a medical companion to administer medication during the flight. Travelers Global Companion Transportation Expense coverage provides reimbursement of expenses, over and above normal transportation costs, for the relocation of employees who become injured or sick while overseas.
Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation The policyholder, a software manufacturer, hires an employee residing in Colorado to work in Ireland for one year. Eight months later, while in Ireland, the employee is seriously injured in a car crash. Colorado workers compensation coverage is unavailable because the injury occurred outside of Colorado more than six months after the employee left the state. Travelers Global Companion Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation coverage provides the employee with the benefits that the policyholder would have been required to pay if the employee's injuries had been compensable under Colorado workers compensation law.
Employers Liability The policyholder, a telecommunication equipment manufacturer, conducts operations in Israel. An Israeli employee files suit against the policyholder, alleging that he developed cancer as a result of undetected exposure to electromagnetic radiation emanating from machinery at work. Israeli workers compensation coverage provides only limited benefits coverage and allows the employee to sue the employer in an Israeli court for pain and suffering and other damages. The policyholder's U.S. employers liability policy does not cover lawsuits brought outside the U.S. Travelers Global Companion Employers Liability coverage provides defense and indemnity for covered bodily injury sought in the Israeli worker's lawsuit against the U.S.-based policyholder.
Commercial Auto Liability In China, the policyholder's employee has an auto accident while driving the policyholder's insured company vehicle under the influence of alcohol, resulting in a fatal injury to the driver of the other auto. The policyholder is sued in China. The local Chinese auto insurer refuses to cover the accident based upon application of an alcohol exclusion in the local Chinese policy. Travelers Global Companion Auto Liability Protection responds to the Chinese lawsuit providing primary coverage to the policyholder when the local Chinese coverage is denied.
Commercial Property - Physical Damage Office equipment is damaged at the policyholder's office in France when smoke filters through the ceiling of another tenant's office where a fire took place. Travelers Global Companion Premier Property Protection covers direct physical loss or damage to property at covered locations around the world.

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