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Your guide to total loss

Here are several steps we recommend to ensure the fastest resolution of your claim:

  • Remove all of your personal belongings from your vehicle.
  • If your vehicle is currently at a body shop or tow yard, tell the facility you will be releasing it to Travelers. This will allow us to transfer the vehicle to a secure storage facility.
  • Use the checklist below to make sure you have the following important items:
    • Keys. Once located, please store your keys safely until your Travelers total loss representative provides further guidance.
    • Vehicle title. This document is important to your settlement process. If your car is leased or has a lien holder, the title may be in the possession of your lien holder, bank, or leasing company.
    • Lien information. If applicable, gather all lien holder information, including the loan account number. Call your loan provider and let them know Travelers will be contacting them regarding the vehicle.
    • Additional forms.You may be required to fill out a Power of Attorney form or another transfer of ownership document. If you have not received these forms yet, they will be sent to you shortly. It is important you contact your total loss representative so he or she can walk you through each form and explain how to accurately fill them out.

Total loss frequently asked questions

  • How do you determine the actual cash value (ACV) of my vehicle?
  • Will recent enhancements or repairs, such as a customer stereo system or rebuilt transmission, add value to my total loss settlement?
  • Will my total loss vehicle be automatically removed from my policy?
  • What if I owe more on my vehicle than Travelers' payment?
  • How do I sign the vehicle title and/or transfer of ownership documents?
  • Where can I mail my documentation to?

If you have any additional questions regarding total loss or any other aspect of your claim, please contact your Travelers claim representative.

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