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Next steps

Immediate steps you can take

Promptly report the loss to Travelers by calling 800.252.4633 (800.CLAIM33). Knowledgeable claim professionals are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The faster you report your claim, the sooner we can help you.

Protect your boat or yacht from further damage by arranging for reasonable temporary repairs as soon as possible. If your vessel is sunk, it will likely need to be raised so we can inspect it. We can assist you through the process of getting your vessel back to the surface and on to land if needed.

Keep an accurate record of all temporary repair expenses (e.g., bills and/or material receipts) so that you can add the amount to your claim. Also, keep an accurate record of any and all expenses incurred to be considered for possible reimbursement. Please do not make any permanent repairs until the insurance adjuster has had a chance to review the damage.

Determine the damage to your personal property (contents). Make a written list of what was damaged. To be as accurate as possible, please include the manufacturer, brand name and the place and date of purchase. We recommend beginning this process by dividing your list into broad categories such as location (e.g., fishing equipment, auxiliary equipment, stateroom, salon, etc.) If available, photographs, videotapes or personal property inventories are valuable resources during the itemization process.

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