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Find an emergency board up/water extraction company

We want you to minimize property damage as much as possible. For your convenience we have a list of independent contractors that may be able to help you by doing temporary repairs or water extraction/clean up to prevent further damage until permanent repairs can be completed.


To find an emergency board up independent contractor or water extraction clean up service near you, please read the information below and click "I understand and agree" to continue.

Travelers policyholders are under no obligation to use any particular repair or cleaning facility. I understand that the use of a particular repair or cleaning facility is strictly voluntary.

Independent contractors on the list are not employees or affiliates of Travelers. Travelers does not perform repairs, retain contractors for customers or guarantee the quality of repair work. I understand that I am responsible for the selection of the contractor and payments to the contractor for the work performed. I also understand that the cost of the repair or cleaning facility can be submitted to Travelers for consideration and that reimbursement is subject to a review of the coverage afforded by my policy.

I Understand and Agree - Continue Looking to become a Travelers approved vendor?


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