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Hail is one of the most destructive types of weather. Every year, hail causes billions of dollars of damage to homes and businesses across the country.

Without proper training, assessing hail damage can be difficult. Because hailstorms can be driven by wind, damage can vary from one area of a structure to the other. The extent and degree of hail damage may also vary according to the size, density and speed of impact.

Our claim professionals undergo a comprehensive classroom and field-training program to make sure they have the knowledge and skills needed to adjust hail claims. Once you've called in your loss, you'll want to know what's next. Learn more about claim expectations by visiting our What to Expect page.

After you call to report a loss, a Travelers claim professional will conduct an on-site inspection.

Claim Process

Find out what you can expect from our Claim process

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Preparing for
Hail Storms

Learn what you can do to prepare for hail storms.

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Tips for selecting a contractor

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