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Guide to understanding your property estimate

Your Estimate Cover Sheet

The cover sheet of your estimate includes important information such as:

(A) Contact Information (B) Claim Number (C) Types of Coverage (D) Sublimits

Your Estimate Detail

This is where the details about your lost or damaged property can be found:

(E) Description (F) Quantity (G) Unit Cost (H) Replacement Cost Value (I) Depreciation (J) Actual Cash Value (K) Labor Minimums

Your Estimate Summary

For each type of coverage involved in your estimate, there is a summary section that shows the total estimated costs (RCV and ACV) and net claim amount for the coverage type. The example to the right depicts a Dwelling coverage summary:

(L) Line Item Total (M) Total Replacement Cost Value (N) Total Actual Cash Value (O) Deductible (P) Net Claim (Q) Total Recoverable Depreciation