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Destructive windstorms can occur in any area of the country and may cause vast damage.

Wind can tear the roofs from buildings, rip siding from exterior walls and throw debris through windows. In addition, trees toppled by windstorms can crush roofs and walls.

Although hurricanes and tornadoes generate exceptionally destructive winds, high winds can happen anywhere and strike during many types of storms.

If your home or property has suffered wind damage, contact us as soon as possible.

Our claim professionals undergo a comprehensive classroom and field-training program to make sure they have the knowledge and skills needed to effectively help with these types of claims.

Once you’ve called in your loss, you’ll want to know what’s next. Learn more about claim expectations by visiting our What to Expect page.

Claim Process

Find out what you can expect from our Claim process

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Preparing for
high winds

Learn what you can do to prepare for wind storms.

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Tips for selecting a contractor

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