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Construction claim

Please report your claim immediately to Travelers using the toll-free claim reporting number below. Our claim service professionals are available to take your claim 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Construction claims are complex and potentially volatile. That's why Travelers has a specialized construction claim service operation to focus on these unique claims. Our highly trained claim professionals specialize in this line of business, providing your business the industry leading experience and superior claim service it deserves. Our construction claim professionals are co-located with construction-dedicated underwriting and risk control representatives. By working side-by-side, we can better understand your business and address the complex issues unique to construction claims. The result: reduced claim payout that can help lower your loss costs and help give your business a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Once you report a loss to Travelers via our toll-free claim reporting number, the claim is immediately routed to one of our 40 construction claim offices. We're strategically located nationwide, so we can respond locally with a clear understanding of the particular jurisdictional issues that may impact your claim.

Within each construction office, claims are assigned based on the complexity of the claim. To better manage the complex medical issues often associated with construction claims, our staff partners with construction nurses who bring the specialized industry knowledge necessary to properly address recovery and return to work challenges unique to the construction field. Our construction-dedicated major case specialists average 25+ years of experience and provide local handling of the most severe and complex construction matters. 

For construction defect issues, we tap the experience of dedicated construction defect specialists who are strategically located nationwide. These construction defect specialists work closely with our Risk Control partners to ensure a comprehensive look at damages and an aggressive pursuit of risk transfer opportunities.  These and many other specialized resources make our construction claim organization the best in the business at handling construction claims.

The types of construction claims we handle include:
• Construction defect
• General liability
• Property damage
• Workers compensation
• Railroad protective and owners and contractors protective
• Automobile physical damage
• Automobile liability

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