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Product services claim

Travelers understands the importance of specialized claim management to your company. That's why we created our Products Unit, a specialty division of claim services, to successfully help you manage claims with high cost potential. With a staff of more than 25 claim professionals, including a dedicated fire/electrical engineer, the Products Unit offers claim handling customized to your business needs with an emphasis on controlling claim payments and expenses. Our unit also has expertise in litigation and product liability and includes a seasoned panel of attorneys and experts (including a special program for Flammable Fabrics).

Product liability expertise

When you work with Travelers, you receive the services of a Product Liability Claim Account Executive (CAE) dedicated to your company's individual needs. Your CAE is personally responsible for the successful and cost effective resolution of your product liability claims. He or she works one-on-one with you to gather detailed knowledge of your company and its products, from meeting with your product specialists and engineers, to discussing product liability claim history and past defense strategies with your corporate counsel. This individual attention assures you of consistent service tailored to meet your business needs.

Aggressive claim management

Investigations are thorough and timely with an emphasis on establishing early control of the claim. Through personal in-depth investigation, we will make product inspections with the help of your experts and assess the damage. This rigorous investigation and objective evaluation of exposure allows us to form a sound claim management action plan for achieving the best result. Moreover, before we proceed we will discuss this strategy with you so you can make a decision that best complements your own strategy.

Effective litigation management

Our aim is to effectively defend your company and manage costs. Working closely with you, we can recommend attorneys and other experts who have successfully achieved positive results in complex, high-exposure product liability litigation. This expertise saves time and expense while avoiding the risk a new defense firm may present. These resources are familiar with the service requirements specific to how your claims are handled. We also can employ alternative dispute resolution methods and structured settlements to help you further contain costs.

Flammable Fabric Program

Travelers is a leader in the field of managing very complex and high exposure cases associated with flammable fabrics claims. Because of the enormous cost potential, we have a dedicated team of experts who specialize in handling these cases. We have over 20 years of experience with many different types of flammable fabrics claims, ranging from actions against yarn and fabric mills to apparel retailers. Our flammable fabrics claim specialists draw on their extensive experience to manage cases for optimum results. We also have established relationships with leading experts in the field of fabric flammability and burn injuries, including the premier defense counsel in this field. When we receive a new case, we carefully examine the issues and select the best experts to assure the best possible defense.

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