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Texas Health Care Network Information

Travelers' custom certified workers compensation Health Care Network (HCN) is a network of quality medical professionals, certified by the Texas Department of Insurance, who specialize in treating work-related injuries. They collaborate with our claim staff in Texas to bring timely, cost-effective resolution to workers compensation claims.

Travelers' HCN Network Providers follow the latest evidence-based treatment protocols, and partner with Travelers claim teams to promote efficient and effective claims handling. As a result, employers enrolled in the Travelers HCN experience greater control over the costs and treatment for their employees' claims, and injured workers experience high-quality care with an emphasis on a medically appropriate return to work.

To learn more about Network benefits and how to enroll, please watch the webinar Travelers Texas Health Care Network (HCN) Solution.

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Employee Notice/Nota de Empleado/Nhân viên thông báo

 Employee acknowledgment form/Formulario de acuse de recibo por el empleado/Mau xac nhan cua nhan vien

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