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Travelers understands the importance you place on protecting the things that matter to you. If you find yourself responsible for damages that exceed the limits on your auto, homeowners, renters or boat policy, our skilled claim professionals will work closely with you to ensure your assets are protected through the coverage available under your Travelers personal umbrella policy. By applying their specialized knowledge and expertise, our claim professionals will swiftly and efficiently manage your umbrella insurance claim from first report through resolution.

And in the event of a lawsuit stemming from a covered claim, your umbrella policy can help cover defense costs, such as attorney’s fees and other expenses that exceed the limits on your primary policy, enabling you to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having purchased additional coverage. You don’t have to be a millionaire to be sued for millions.

A serious at-fault auto accident or an incident on your property doesn’t have to expose you to financial disaster. With a personal umbrella policy, you can rest assured that our claim team will be there to help you recover from a worst-case scenario.