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Becoming a Travelers approved vendor for property claims

Thank you for your interest. This application should be completed by vendors that would like to become an approved vendor for property claims only. Please carefully read and agree to the following criteria before filling out the required information needed to consider your request.

All vendors must agree to:

  • Maintain appropriate insurance and provide insurance certificates evidencing that appropriate coverage is in force.
  • Maintain any licenses and/or other authorizations as required by law.
  • Submit to a background check.
  • Refrain from using the Travelers names, service marks, logos or trademarks of Travelers or its affiliates without the express prior written consent of Travelers.

All remediation and restoration contractors must agree to:

  • Provide a 1-year warranty for the work performed.
  • Promptly respond to and resolve customer complaints.
  • Promptly notify the claim handler of changes in scope. The claim handler must be notified prior to doing any work that is over and above the work previously agreed upon.
  • Complete all repairs/remediation accurately and timely.
  • Provide additional services as required to correct any deficiency in your services at no additional cost to Travelers or the insured.

What Travelers will do:

  • Review your initial application and provide you with a response.
  • We may perform a periodic background check on the firm or principal owner if the decision has been made to add your firm to our database.
  • We may provide your firm's name along with names of other firms as options for the insured customer if you are a contractor. We do not direct referrals; therefore, your relationship will be with our insured customer.
  • We may include your firm's name in the database accessible to our customers on if your company does cleaning or emergency repairs.
  • We may conduct re-inspections or quality-control reviews of Travelers claims where you have provided services. Problems or issues with the services provided may result in removal from our vendor database. Travelers reserves the right to remove your firm's name from our database at any time for any reason.


  • Not all vendors may be accepted and added to our vendor database.
  • Being added to our database does not imply or promise that you will receive work.
  • Travelers does not have a property direct repair program and does not direct referrals.

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