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Why a Travelers independent agent?

One option for purchasing insurance is turning to an independent agent for the personal service and attention that an agent provides by knowing you and the host of circumstances that may impact your insurance needs. Here are a few examples of what a trusted agent can offer.

They know the landscape

Since independent agents often represent numerous insurance companies, they know exactly what options are available in the market.

They know you, your family and your business

Every insurance situation is different. You need to consider many factors in selecting the coverage you need. If you're just now embarking on an agent relationship, your agent should ask probing questions and make coverage recommendations tailored to your unique circumstances. Remember, it's not always about finding the lowest premium; it's about having the coverage you need.

They can help answer questions

Let's face it: Insurance can be a complex subject. Many consumers have questions about insurance - from the very basic to the complicated. But when it comes to protecting your family and assets, no question should go unasked, no matter how basic it is.

Your independent agent has the expertise to answer your questions and can take the time to make sure you understand all aspects of your policy. Bottom line: having a conversation is a great way to learn more about insurance.

Able to manage multiple policies

Auto insurance is the most common form of insurance protection, but home, umbrella, flood, and other business and personal insurance products become increasingly important as an individual’s or company’s circumstances become more complex. What's more, you can save by combining two or more insurance policies with one company, and you'll have one main contact person for all your insurance needs.