Driving with Distractions Slows Your Reactions

Driving with Distractions Slows Your Reactions

When driving, you have to look, listen and react. All of those processes are impaired when you are attempting to multi-task behind the wheel.

You dropped a CD. It will only take a second to pick it up, right? Maybe. But it also takes a second for a vehicle to cut in front of you. Or for a pedestrian to dart out from behind a parked car. The faster you can react, the safer you and everyone else will be. Travelers wants you to know about the risks of driving, including some sources of distraction you may not have seen coming.

Understand auto insurance basics

Understand Auto Insurance Basics

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Distraction is much more than texting

Distraction is Much More than Texting

A Travelers safety professional shares some tips about distracted driving.

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