How to drive safely in fog

Our safety professionals often answer questions about driving in severe weather. Here is a look at why certain conditions make for dangerous driving and some tips to help you stay safer. Remember, severe weather demands your undivided attention, so turn down the radio and minimize other distractions. Sometimes, the best driving decision you can make is to stay off the road until the weather clears.

3 tips for driving in fog:

Skip the high-beam headlights in the fog. Fog consists of tiny water droplets that spread and reflect light, actually making it harder to see.

1. Always headlights, never brights. While your high beams are not useful in the fog, remember to turn on your low-beam headlights to help other drivers see you.

2. Sharpen your other senses. Roll down your window to help you hear other traffic on the road.

3. Stay focused on the road. Driving in fog is not a time for multi-tasking. Turn down the radio, stop conversations with other passengers and keep your attention on the road.

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