A tip a day for National Preparedness Month


Life is full of surprises. Knowing what you can do to help prevent an emergency, or how to respond when one does occur, can help you remain ready to face the unexpected. 

We are offering a tip a day – 30 tips in all – to celebrate National Preparedness Month. Check back each day this month for a new tip to help you stay safe, while remaining prepared to respond if disaster strikes.

Day 1: If you're traveling this holiday weekend, pack smart for a safe, fun ride. http://travl.rs/ZJWHOm

Pack smart

Day 2: Labor Day is the #2 grilling day of the year. Protect yourself with the right tools like a heavy apron, a thick oven mitt and long handled utensils to make sure the fun lasts all day long. http://travl.rs/11qzhRp

Day 3: When the unexpected happens, it is important to make sure your valuables are safe. Create an inventory to help you stay prepared no matter what comes your way. http://travl.rs/11uQCrc

Create an inventory

Day 4: Did you know identity fraud is one of the fastest growing crimes in our country. Protect your passwords and PINS. http://travl.rs/194MIpw

Password security

Day 5: Identifying dead tree branches is easier now than in the fall. Take the time to inspect and trim your trees before the leaves begin to drop.

Trim your trees

Day 6: Ladder safety should start before even stepping foot on one. Position your ladder correctly. http://travl.rs/15tuqfl

Ladder positioning

Day 7: With teen drivers, you need to expect the unexpected. Have 'the talk' now with your teen. http://travl.rs/194N1AH

Day 8: Carelessness in the kitchen could lead to a house fire. Find out what you should do if you ever have a grease fire. http://travl.rs/194MI94

Grease fires

Day 9: It has not been this quiet on the hurricane front since 1941, but Mother Nature can have a mind of her own. Check out how to stay prepared before, during and after a storm. http://travl.rs/12JxiCT

Hurricane preparation

Day 10: In the event of an emergency, would you know how to communicate at work? Always have detailed communications plans with employees, vendors, customers and important stakeholders in case of the unexpected. http://travl.rs/12Pi42B

Day 11: You probably have not cranked up the heat yet, so it is the perfect time to schedule an appointment to have your furnace cleaned and inspected by a qualified professional. http://travl.rs/194MJKd

Day 12: Planning any outside projects before the temperatures drop? Make sure to call 811 before you dig to avoid hitting buried lines. Crews will be sent to mark underground lines for free. http://travl.rs/194MI8U

Call before you dig

Day 13: Our survey showed, 72% of people do not have a survival kit. How prepared are you? Take our quiz and find out. http://travl.rs/17YLuuP

Preparedness kit quiz

Day 14: When a severe storm is imminent, take precautions to protect your family and home. Make sure you know how to turn off the gas, electricity and water in your home or place of business. http://travl.rs/ZJVlTC

Know how to turn off your utilities

Day 15: Today marks the halfway point of hurricane season. Do you know the difference between a hurricane watch and a warning? http://travl.rs/12JxiCT

Hurricane preparation tips

Day 16: Water damage can come from non-weather related sources, such as washing machines. Make sure to inspect hoses annually and replace every 3-5 years or immediately if signs of cracking of bulging. http://travl.rs/12rL28g

Inspect washing machine hoses annually

Day 17: Protect yourself and your identity. Only carry essentials. Leave extra credit cards and SSN card in a secure place. http://travl.rs/194MIpv

Protect yourself and your identity

Day 18: Make would-be burglars uncomfortable with two of their biggest enemies: light and sound. http://travl.rs/ZJWpqy

Secure your home

Day 19: Distracted pedestrians, as well as distracted drivers, pose a risk. Make sure you are alert while on foot. http://travl.rs/15yuwF6

Be a smart pedestrian

Day 20: Before the leaves start to fall into your gutters, make sure your home is prepared for fall weather. http://travl.rs/194MJKd

Prepare your home for fall weather

Day 21: Dirty chimneys pose a fire hazard. Make sure to have your chimney cleaned professionally at least once a year. http://travl.rs/194MI94

Day 22: Leaving for an extended period of time? Make sure to clean out perishables from your fridge. http://travl.rs/19a7m8F

Day 23: In the event of a disaster would you know what to do? Plan an evacuation route before something becomes imminent. http://travl.rs/11uPP9G

Map out an evacuation route

Day 24: Simple security devices such as deadbolts can deter burglars. Ask your hardware dealer for a reputable brand or buy your locks from a locksmith. http://travl.rs/ZJWpqy

Install deadbolts

Day 25: Post storm safety: One generator can produce as much CO as hundreds of cars. So it is critical to keep generators at least 25 feet away from the house. http://travl.rs/188PRn6

Generator safety

Day 26: As part of your disaster planning, make sure to have a point of contact. Identify a person outside the affected area that your family can reach, should you get separated. http://travl.rs/ZJVgiU

Day 27: Do not forget to include food and water for your pet when you build your preparedness kit. http://travl.rs/17YLuuP

Preparedness kit quiz

Day 28: Leaving for vacation during cold weather? Make sure to leave your heat set at 55 degrees. http://travl.rs/19a7m8F

Leaving for vacation during cold weather?

Day 29: Space heater safety: Do not set them up on easily ignited or flammable surfaces, such as rugs or carpets. Never use them to dry wet clothing. http://travl.rs/14xovW6

Day 30: It has been a preparation filled month! Check out our entire list to catch any tips you missed!

National Preparedness Month

Preparedness kit

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