Earthquakes: Be Ready with a Safety Strategy

Earthquakes: Be Ready with a Safety Strategy

Earthquakes are unpredictable. Learn what steps you can take to help you prepare for when the ground starts to shake.

You rarely know when or where an earthquake will strike. Are there ways to help prepare before an earthquake happens? What if you are inside when one hits? Or driving in your car? Having an evacuation plan in place, securing large pieces of furniture and knowing what to do if you are trapped under debris are just some ways that can help you prepare and keep you safe.

Take Steps for Disaster Prep

Take Steps for Disaster Prep

Start planning long-term by building a survival kit and creating an inventory.

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Would Your Be Ready if an Earthquake Hit?

Forty-two U.S. states are currently at risk for an earthquake.

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Travelers Catastrophe Response

- Hundreds of specially trained catastrophe response professionals ready to deploy.
- A catastrophe management center that coordinates response activities.
- Mobile claim offices that can immediately respond to your needs.

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