Hailstorm Tips to Help Keep You Safe

Hailstorm Tips to Help Keep You Safe

Noisy pings and bangs, leaving behind dings, cracks and broken glass. Learn about hail damage to your car and your home's roof and siding.

Pea-size or baseball-size, hail is one of the biggest causes of property damage. And the extent can vary greatly even among neighbors, making it hard to assess your own damage. Learn what you can do to help keep you and your property safe.

Take steps for disaster prep

Take Steps for Disaster Prep

Start Planning Long Term by Making a Plan and Creating an Inventory.

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Is your survival kit ready for the storm?

Is Your Survival Kit Ready for the Storm?

Find out what to include >

Travelers Catastrophe Response

- Hundreds of specially trained catastrophe response professionals ready to deploy. 
- A catastrophe management center that coordinates response activities. 
- Mobile claim offices that can immediately respond to your needs.

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