Plan Ahead with a Hurricane Preparation Plan

Plan Ahead with a Hurricane Preparation Plan


Find out what you should do before, during and after a hurricane to help safeguard your family and mitigate damage to your property.

A hurricane is a very powerful rotating tropical storm that produces fierce wind and torrential rain. Hurricanes develop over large bodies of warm water - including parts of the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea - and move generally northward. Although the southern and eastern coastal regions of the U.S. are vulnerable to the most devastating effects of hurricanes, inland regions can be impacted by the storm's remnant winds, rains, or even following tornadoes. Fortunately, Travelers has the size, strength and experience to help you recover after any type of storm.

Take steps for disaster prep

Take Steps for Disaster Prep

Start planning long-term by building a survival kit and creating an inventory.

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A preparedness kit

What is in Your Preparedness kit?

Choose items to add to your kit and learn if you are ready for disaster.

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Travelers Catastrophe Response

- Hundreds of specially trained catastrophe response professionals ready to deploy.
- A catastrophe management center that coordinates response activities.
- Mobile claim offices that can immediately respond to your needs.

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