Weather Safety

Weather any storm by being prepared

Possible showers. Possible hail. Tornadoes? When so much is "possible," your need to prepare is definite.

The elements of weather can be unpredictable, bringing blizzards, floods and hurricanes with increased severity and frequency, even to areas not known for these types of severe weather. Make sure you are prepared for what nature can dish out.

To help you be ready, Travelers wants to help you prepare for common weather threats. We want to share these tips to help you protect what is important to you, like family, home and business. For example, having a survival kit and evacuation plan in place ahead of any natural disaster can save you and your loved ones hardship and worry if you have to seek shelter elsewhere. Learn how to be ready before and stay safe during, and after, a variety of weather emergencies.

Take steps for disaster prep

Take steps for disaster prep

Start planning long-term by building a survival kit and creating an inventory.

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Emergency preparedness kit

What is in your preparedness kit?

Choose items to add to your kit and learn if you are ready for disaster.

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