Tips to Help Keep You Safe if There is a Wildfire

Tips to Help Keep You Safe if There is a Wildfire

There are many things you can do to protect your property and help reduce risk to loved ones, neighbors and firefighters.

A wildfire is an uncontrolled blaze that occurs in a wooded area and can spread rapidly to regions heavily inhabited by people. Most wildfires are caused by human negligence or by lightning, and dry conditions greatly increase the potential for wildfires to occur. Although wildfires are a persistent problem in the western U.S., all parts of the country are susceptible to such a disaster.

Take steps for disaster prep

Take Steps for Disaster Prep

Start planning long-term by building a survival kit and creating an inventory.

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Do you know where to go during a disaster?

Do You Know Where to Go During a Disaster?

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- A catastrophe management center that coordinates response activities.
- Mobile claim offices that can immediately respond to your needs.

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