Travelers Business Risk Index

Travelers Business Risk Index

How prepared are American businesses to control
the risks they worry about most?

Facing a riskier world: what is on the minds of U.S. business leaders?

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2014 Travelers Business Risk Index

In February 2014, Travelers surveyed more than 1,100 American businesses to learn what they feel are the most serious risks businesses face, and how prepared they feel they are to deal with those risks. While most agree that the world is becoming riskier, many feel unprepared to handle the threats they worry about most.

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Are U.S. businesses ready for risk today?

Results from the first Travelers Business Risk Index suggest they may not feel ready. Most businesses report that the world is getting riskier, but few feel prepared for the risks. 

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Size, Industry and Location Matter

Size, Industry and Location Matter

When it comes to risk perception and preparedness, how large a company is, the nature of its business and where it is located appear to factor in many regards.

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Harnessing Risk for Business Success

Harnessing Risk for Business Success

Controlling risk can be smart business. Of the minority of businesses that feel the most prepared to handle risk, over half were also more likely to self-report higher performance over others in their industry.

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