Two people shoveling snow

Follow the Path to Prepare this Winter

Your path to prepare this winter.

Every year, winter winds bring storms that knock out power, damage homes and leave motorists stranded. Want to count yourself among the ready this season? We show you the path to prepare for winter. Learn ways to prevent ice dams from forming, remove snow from your roof and perform key winter maintenance. Check out these steps to help ready your home, auto, and business for winter.

Removing Ice Dams

Learn immediate steps you can take to help remove ice dams, plus some longer-term tips to help prevent them from forming in the first place.

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Clear Your Roof

A person removing snow from their roof using a roof rake

Removing snow after a storm can lessen stress on your roof and prevent ice dams from forming. Here are some tips.

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Ready for the Storm

A person shoveling snow

Do you have the supplies you need to stay warm and safe in case of a power outage this winter?

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Maintaining Your Home for Winter

A person adjusting the thermostat inside their home

Taking these steps now to prepare your home can be less expensive than the cost of repairs after winter storms hit.

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