The Workforce Pressure Test

How engaged is your workforce?

Are you doing enough to help ensure your employees are skilled, safe and resilient?

Put your workforce strategies to the test to find out.

Est. time to complete: 5 min.

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Attracting & Hiring

Workforce safety and engagement starts long before your employees get to work.
Integrating best practices into your hiring process is key.

Do you have a formal process designed to attract the most qualified job candidates?

Onboarding & Training

Comprehensive onboarding and training can give employees the knowledge and skills they need to work safely and effectively.

Does your orientation process address job-related safety training, for example an overview of facilities and emergency response procedures?

Supporting & Engaging

Promoting health and safety in the workplace can help improve job satisfaction and productivity.

Does your management lead by example, taking safety into account in creating all policies?

See How You Compare

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How many people does your company employ?