Insuring Autonomy

How auto insurance can adapt to changing risks

                                                    White paper published by the Travelers Institute                                                                                                                    
Autonomous vehicles - or "AVs" - are a growing presence on American roadways, and with them come several significant policy questions and challenges.  It will be important to address an ever-increasing AV world in a comprehensive manner that spurs innovation, increases public safety, provides peace of mind and protects American drivers and consumers.  Travelers believes that the auto insurance industry should - and will - play a critical role, as lawmakers, regulators and society understand the new AV world. This white paper outlines Travelers' perspective and recommendations on these important public policy issues.



  • Overview: The AV world today and tomorrow
  • Auto insurance can - and will - meet society's needs in an AV world
  • Critical insurance-related components of an AV regulatory scheme
  • Conclusion


Press Release: Travelers Outlines Framework for Autonomous Vehicle Insurance

Insuring Autonomy

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