Cybersecurity Guide


A cybersecurity guide for small and midsized businesses

Evolving cyber threats impact businesses and organizations of all sizes, sectors and industries. In fact, during the past five years, there has been a steady increase in attacks targeting businesses with fewer than 250 employees. Now over 60 percent of all targeted attacks strike small to midsized entities.*


With this in mind, the Travelers Institute, the public policy division of Travelers, has released Empowering organizations to tackle evolving cyber threats: A cybersecurity guide for small and midsized businesses. Drawing on the industry expertise of Travelers cyber risk professionals, the Travelers Institute provides insight on how to best protect your business, nonprofit or public organization from a cyber incident. This guide offers fundamental safeguards that can be used by businesses to improve their cybersecurity, and helps any organization be more prepared, and better able to prevent intrusions, mitigate damage and restore normal operations when the hackers come to call.

*Symantec Internet Security Threat Report, April 2016, Volume 21:



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