When things go wrong, Travelers focuses on making them right—with fast, professional service from claims experts who truly care. But don’t just take our word for it. Listen to our customers tell their own stories.
When fire broke out in the attic of Susan’s Texas home, she needed help knowing what to do next. Our representative’s expert knowledge and reassuring manner helped get Susan back in her home quickly, with minimal hassle.

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When Maryland homeowner Karen got the call that burglars had invaded her home, her first concern was for her son’s safety. But once the ordeal was over, she needed help replacing her stolen property—and in learning to trust again. Our representative’s calming manner and willingness to do all she could helped Karen through a trying time in her life.

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When Oklahoma customers Gene and Barbara learned their vacation home had burned to the ground, they needed help rebuilding their retirement dreams. The Travelers team’s swift and thorough response helped Gene and Barbara start the rebuilding process in no time.

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When Pennsylvania driver Mary was in an accident with a Travelers insured, she wanted to get her car fixed quickly so she could get on with her life. The prompt, hassle-free service she received through Travelers ConciergeCLAIM® auto repair program so impressed Mary she decided to switch her coverage to Travelers.

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