CyberRisk Insurance 

Pre. Post. Always. Cyber protection from every angle.  

It takes only one cyber event or data security breach to affect your company's financial results or even potentially put you out of business. One resourceful hacker, virus or system glitch could shut down your entire network within minutes, paralyzing operations and your ability to earn income. One successful hack, lost laptop or lost paper record could cause a data breach that impacts the privacy of customers, employees and others.

Why do companies need CyberRisk insurance?  

The costs associated with a single cyberattack can be catastrophic. Beyond the financial costs of potential litigation and regulatory defense expenses and the costs associated with mandated notification requirements, there’s also the time involved in defending your company’s reputation and the need for skilled computer forensics teams to determine the extent of a breach and whether private customer information may have been compromised.  

A Travelers CyberRisk policy can help reimburse your organization, subject to applicable retention, for computer forensics experts and may also provide coverage for potential business interruption losses and extra expenses that might occur while you’re in the process of restoring your business.  

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CyberRisk – an important part of your organization’s protection 

CyberRisk insurance provides many solutions with options that include coverage for forensic investigations, litigation expenses associated with the breach, regulatory defense expenses/fines, crisis management expenses, business interruption and cyber extortion. CyberRisk protection doesn't end after a breach occurs. Also available is Betterment – an insuring agreement that provides coverage for costs to improve a computer system after a cybersecurity breach when the improvements are recommended to eliminate vulnerabilities that could lead to a similar breach.  

How does CyberRisk insurance help pre- and post-breach?

Before and after a breach, Travelers is there to help clients manage the short- and long-term issues that can arise. That support includes:  

  • The HCL Technologies Cybersecurity Coach helpline, which is designed to get you expert answers to your questions about preventing a data breach.  

  • A HIPAA Coach, who can consult with you about the steps you should take to safeguard Protected Health Information (PHI) from a data breach.  

  • A Breach Coach®, who can help you isolate the affected data, notify customers, retain necessary forensics experts and manage crisis communications. A Breach Coach can help you determine the potential for regulatory penalties and legal action as well as identify the next steps to take. 

Who is CyberRisk insurance right for?  

CyberRisk insurance can help protect organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies and every organization in between. 

If you store customer or employee data, accept digital and credit card payments or your employees use computers and mobile devices in their daily work, you need cyber coverage. But cyber insurance is not necessarily a one-size-fits-all solution. It is important to have coverage that addresses the specific risks of your business or organization.  

Learn more about protecting your organization with CyberRisk insurance by checking the resources below.  

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