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EnergyPro® Control of Well coverage

In the oil and gas industry, keeping wells operational is a business imperative. Travelers’ EnergyPro  Control of Well¹ offers oil and gas companies the protection they need when a well blowout occurs, including coverage for well control expenses and costs to restore or redrill an insured well.

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EnergyPro Control of Well covered costs and expenses

Designed for the unique needs of oil and gas companies, Travelers’ EnergyPro Control of Well product may provide coverage for the following: 

  • Expenses to bring a well back under control. 
  • Pollution cleanup costs incurred due to pollution that results from a well out-of-control event. 
  • Legal liability for pollution related bodily injury or property damage arising from a well out-of-control event.
  • Redrill and other extra expenses incurred to restore the well to its pre-loss condition. 

Who is control of well insurance right for?

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Contact an independent oiland gas insurance agent or broker. Independent agents with questions can contact Travelers Oil & Gas at 281.606.8610. 

Travelers offers several additional features to give oil and gas companies the protection they need. 

Free telephone advice and consultation

Services for well control incidents are available 24/7, provided by Wild Well Control, Inc. There are no restrictions on how often you can call. The goal is to help prevent well control incidents from escalating into catastrophic events. 

First sign of trouble endorsement

This provides reimbursement for hiring Wild Well Control, Inc. to help manage well pressure control incidents and prevent a well out-of-control event. Travelers may reimburse your company for up to $25,000 of the costs you incur for Wild Well Control onsite assistance with hazardous pressure control incidents at an insured well. Your well site personnel can get valuable, immediate assistance without worrying about costs up to the aforementioned amount. 

EnergyProCare, Custody and Control Broadening Endorsement

This endorsement provides protection for physical loss of or damage to specified types of non-owned oil or gas field equipment at the site of, or while it is in transit to or from, an insured well. This covers the insured's legal or contractual liability which the insured has assumed responsibility under a written contract, including rental or lease agreements. 

EnergyProLimited Pay on Behalf of (POBO) Provision

This optional endorsement protects the operator's working capital from being diverted to fund a control of well loss. For qualifying insureds, this endorsement allows Travelers to pay covered well control losses, costs or expenses directly to a vendor or other third party. Without this endorsement, you would pay those amounts first and then seek reimbursement from Travelers for the covered loss. 


Travelers is proud to work withWild Well Control Inc., a well control provider and training resource and encourage all of our control of well clients to execute a call-off master service agreement (MSA) with Wild Well Control in the event of a well control incident or other service needs.

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Well control services

Travelers Oil & Gas is proud to work with Wild Well Control, Inc. as our preferred well control provider and training resource.

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Travelers Oil & Gas well control services

Travelers Oil & Gas has developed an innovative service for incident prevention and well control management based on four factors that typically contribute to the escalation of well control incidents. History has shown that the drilling program, rig equipment, rig personnel and corporate preparedness are key areas to address.  

With this in mind, we empower operators and adjusting companies to implement prevention standards and monitor blowout performances, helping to reduce both time and cost. Travelers is committed to making the oil and gas industry safer by providing our customers with this service to help them deal with and prevent well blowouts. 

Services available to control of well clients upon request:

  • Review current well control procedures with clients and service providers. 

  • Collaborate with clients to identify potential well and rig-related concerns. 

  • Conduct rig audits for better management and pre-assessment purposes. 

  • Provide 24-hour access for clients for early intervention of potential well control problems. 

  • Document all loss-of-control events as well as critical early response intervention in order to keep a well control problem from escalating. 

  • Assist adjusters with onsite cost controls as well as post-well control claim discrepancies. 

Related services

We understand that each oil and gas company has unique risks and exposures. We have knowledgeable Risk Control professionals, who are dedicated to the oil and gas industry and can work with customers to help them manage these risks.

Our claim team specializes in handling losses that arise out of the oil field, with proven expertise in understanding master service agreements (MSAs) and the importance of contractual risk transfer (CRT). We offer the power and resources of a national company, with local expertise and autonomy.

1Control of well coverage is offered on either an admitted or non-admitted basis depending on the state. Non-admitted coverage is offered by St. Paul Surplus Lines Insurance Company (St. Paul Fire & Casualty Insurance Company in Delaware) through selected surplus lines brokers. Surplus lines insurers do not participate in state guaranty funds and therefore insureds are not protected by such funds. 

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