Public Entity Management Liability Insurance

What is public entity management liability insurance? 

Public entity management liability insurance provides coverage for a loss caused by a wrongful act committed while conducting duties by or on behalf of a public entity. 

Many insurers address these exposures by offering a blended insurance product for both public entity management liability (PEML) claims and employment practices liability (EPL) claims with one single policy limit. EPL claims tend to have frequency along with severity and can quickly erode your limits of coverage. At Travelers, we offer stand-alone public entity management liability coverage so payment of employment-related claims will not erode the limits available for PEML claims. 

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Key coverage features: 

  • "Pay on behalf of" basis (deductible options only) 

  • Defense for claims or suits alleging criminal, malicious, dishonest or fraudulent wrongful act until determinations or admission of such wrongful act in a legal proceeding  

  • Professional services of lawyers, architects, engineers and accountants are not specifically excluded 

  • Coverage for violation of civil rights 

  • Defense expenses are paid outside of, and are in addition to, the limits of insurance 

  • Extended reporting period endorsement available (claims-made) 

Who is this right for? 

This coverage is specifically designed to help protect:

Optional features/coverages:

  • Claims-made coverage form (occurrence form available in select areas) 

  • Retroactive date may match previous carrier's claims-made retroactive date 

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