Travelers BOP 2.0

Fast. Easy. Flexible.

Welcome back to Main Street.

Quote with Confidence and Get to "Yes" Faster

Since the introduction of BOP 2.0, agents are doing more and more business with Travelers.  It’s an easy and convenient way to issue policies in real time and get to YES even faster.

Agents and CSR's Love Travelers BOP 2.0

Here's what your peers have been saying about the benefits of quoting a Travelers BOP 2.0:

  • “I love quoting on BOP 2.0; it saves me time and I get more quotes out the door.
  • “The system has saved us lots of time with the way it populates information and asks less questions.”
  • “It helps us pinpoint the exact classification that is needed to complete the quote.”
  • “I can quote more complex risks. BOP 2.0 accommodates insureds engaged in multiple operations and lets me split the exposure base among different classes, resulting in my ability to quote accounts beyond the simpler ones.”
  • Product selection makes a world of difference; insureds get to purchase what they want/require.”
  • “The pricing and credits allow a win for business.” “It’s easy to see what to apply and help customers save.” “Ways to Save within my authority to get more competitive.”
  • “The quote summary screen pulls it all together: I can easily add, change or delete coverages with a few keystrokes.”
  • “BOP 2.0 when issued presents a clear and easy to read policy. I am getting favorable reviews from my insureds.”

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