Risk Insights for Public Entities

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Understanding and managing public entity risks and opportunities

Risk Insights for Public Entities

The Growing Threat of Ransomware Attacks on the Public Sector

Public sector ransomware attacks have risen sharply in recent years. Learn how to protect your data and minimize your risk of encountering a breach.

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Risk Insights for Public Entities

5 Factors Causing a Rise in Professional Liability Insurance Rates for Public Organizations

Public entities face significant professional liability risks. Explore the factors causing a rise in professional liability insurance for public entities.

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Risk Insights for Public Entities

How Counties and Municipalities Can Reduce Their Total Cost of Risk

Learn practical ways to identify, manage and control risks and losses for public entities with Travelers.

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Risk Insights for Public Entities

How to Help Municipalities Prepare for E-Vehicles

Electric bikes and scooters, as well as other on-demand e-vehicles, are appearing in cities and towns, prompting municipal leaders to regulate their use.

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Risk Insights for Public Entities

Opioid Crisis Puts Cities and Towns at Risk of Litigation

Substance abuse is a serious and growing problem in the U.S. Many cities and towns might not be aware of the risks facing public entities for opioid rehab center applications.

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Risk Insights for Public Entities

Risk Control Considerations for Public Entities During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic

Keeping employees safe and protecting the public, while still providing essential services, are among the many challenges public entities face during and after a pandemic.

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