Top 100 Verdicts

A worker in safety gear holds a checklist while inspecting a building.

Straight talk about real risks.

Travelers helps protect clients against big, unexpected events that can have potentially devastating implications for their business. Our dedicated team can help companies quickly apply for coverage to address large-scale losses like the ones detailed in the National Law Journal's Top 100 Verdicts.


Could your business outlast a large verdict?

Jury awards have been rising rapidly, and if the top 100 verdicts of 2022 are any indication, this trend of high-dollar legal outcomes may be here to stay. Learn more about the causes of large-scale losses and what your company can do to help avoid them.

National Law Journal Top 100 Editions

Top verdicts

Top 100 Verdicts

Top Premises Liability Judgments

These large verdicts emphasize the importance of having a formal safety and security program in place that can help prevent accidents in and around the property you own or manage.

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Top 100 Verdicts

Motor Vehicle Verdicts Over $30 Million

A large-scale auto loss can hit your business from any direction. Travelers can help manage verdicts like the ones that topped the National Law Journal’s Top 100 Verdicts.

Commercial van driving down a highway.

Top 100 Verdicts

Top Auto and Products Liability Verdicts

Noteworthy motor vehicle and products liability judgments from the National Law Journal's Top 100 Verdicts.

Woman working on machine with safety glasses on.

Top 100 Verdicts

What's Driving Huge Jury Awards? Navigating Legal Liability in the Era of the Nuclear Verdict

Changing cultural attitudes toward corporations combined with increasingly aggressive plaintiff attorneys are helping drive unprecedented growth in nuclear liability verdicts and jury awards.

Lawyers looking over paperwork at a desk.

Top 100 Verdicts

Guess the Verdict: Identify the Multimillion-Dollar Jury Award for Each Lawsuit

The Top 100 Verdicts showcase the largest jury awards of 2021. See if you can guess which multimillion-dollar jury award belongs to each lawsuit.

Guess the verdict

Top 100 Verdicts

Top Workplace Negligence Judgments

Even with the proper preventive measures in place, an unpredictable workplace negligence event can impact your business and bottom line.

Workers wearing safety gear discussing workplace negligence in a manufacturing facility.

Top 100 Verdicts

Top Construction Judgments

Travelers has the expertise and experience to help manage large losses, like these judgments against construction companies that topped the National Law Journal's Top 100 Verdicts.

Construction worker safely tethered while working on a building.

Top 100 Verdicts

Top Manufacturing Judgments

Despite taking proper measures to protect people and equipment, manufacturing companies can still suffer large consequences for unintentional mistakes or oversight.

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