Community Report

Empowering Our Communities

We have a steadfast commitment to taking care of the places where we live and work. Through our giving and volunteer efforts, we focus on improving academic and career success, developing thriving neighborhoods and creating culturally enriched communities. You’ll find examples of those initiatives throughout this report.

By the Numbers

We provided $24.4 million in charitable support in 2023, bringing us to approximately $234 million over the past decade.

Here’s where it went*:

  • Community & Economic Development: 22%
  • Arts & Culture: 15%
  • Health & Social Services: 15%
  • K–12 Education: 14%
  • Higher Education: 12%
  • Matching Gifts: 10%
  • Disaster Relief: 9%
  • Civic & Public Affairs: 2%
  • Other: 1%

*This chart represents categorization for approximately $20.3 million of Travelers’ 2023 giving.
The additional resources went toward supporting other charitable activities.

employee volunteer hours logged in 2023.

Employee Involvement

Empowering our communities through employee volunteerism.

Our employees are committed to supporting causes that provide opportunities and address societal barriers in their communities.

Community Connections Campaign

Employees raised $900,000 through the company’s Community Connections Campaign, which supports United Way and its partner organizations across the country. They also donated $2+ million through our matching gift and volunteer rewards programs.

Supporting Our Community Partners

We selected and partnered with 4 national nonprofit organizations in 2023 to provide much-needed resources to individuals and families.

Organization Employees Volunteer Hours Activity
Blessings in a Backpack Employees: 220+ Volunteer Hours: 495+ Collected and packed food items for students.
Can’d Aid Employees: 50+ Volunteer Hours: 100+ Assembled art kits for youth to encourage creativity.
The Happy Hope Foundation Employees: 260+ Volunteer Hours: 300+ Gathered books and educational materials for students.
United Way Employees: 1,500+ Volunteer Hours: 3,800+ Assembled literacy, hygiene and education kits for local families.

Building with Habitat for Humanity

We have a long-standing partnership with Habitat for Humanity, an organization dedicated to helping families move into safe, affordable homes.

In 2023:

850+ employees logged 6,800+ volunteer hours to help with 50+ Habitat for Humanity builds across the U.S. and Canada.

Employee Builds in Atlanta, Georgia

40 employees participated in 2 home builds in Atlanta, Georgia. A playhouse was also donated to each family, which supporters signed with uplifting messages.

Women’s Build

20 employees partnered with San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity in California and joined hundreds of women from across a number of organizations to build a home for a deserving family.

Celebrating Pride Month

14 employees participated in Richmond Metropolitan Habitat for Humanity’s first annual Pride build in Virginia, helping raise awareness and build allyship while supporting a local family.

people building a house
people building a house
people building a house
people building a house

Travelers Championship

More than $3 million was raised for 180+ nonprofit organizations, and 800+ employees dedicated 20,000+ volunteer hours to support the event.

people attending Travelers Championship
people attending Travelers Championship
people attending Travelers Championship
people attending Travelers Championship

The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp

Employees packed 750+ kits to help welcome kids to camp.

Additionally, 300+ employees volunteered for Helping Hands Workdays to prepare the grounds and cabins for camp sessions.

people in red shirts camping in the woods
people in red shirts camping in the woods
people in red shirts camping in the woods

Celebrating Earth Day

Nearly 100 employees in Hartford, Connecticut, cleaned up local parks, and 30+ employees in Nashville, Tennessee, cleaned up areas around a local lake.

We also launched “On a Mission to Help Our Planet,” an internal initiative that encourages employees to collect points for completing environmentally friendly tasks, including switching to LED lightbulbs and reusable shopping bags and/or recycling containers.

woman shoveling dirt
women working with a wheelbarrow
large group photo of a line of people standing in the street
two women in red shirts smiling
In the Media
Check out coverage from FOX61.

Partnering with KABOOM!

More than 100 Travelers Canada employees, agents and brokers partnered with KABOOM! and the city of Toronto to revitalize a playground in a local neighborhood that serves 1,000+ kids.

people assembling playground equipment
group photo, people sitting on a pile of wood chips with shovels
In the Media
Check out coverage from CityNews and Insurance Business Canada.

Cleaning Up a London Park

Travelers Europe employees worked with local authorities to clean up Hackney Park, filling 16 bags with litter.

people with trash bags standing in the woods

Food for All

Employees from Travelers Europe volunteered at Food for All, a nonprofit that turns unattractive produce destined for the landfill into free, healthy meals. The team helped pack 500 meals to be enjoyed by families.

Citizen Travelers

Every day Travelers employees are using their skills, experience and passion to engage in our democracy – as volunteers, as advisors, even as elected officials. Through our nonpartisan civic engagement initiative, Citizen Travelers, we seek to give employees all the support we can because they view civic engagement as a priority in the workplace, and we believe civic engagement fosters a healthy democracy and a healthy economy. By encouraging employees to connect with their community and share their experiences as civic leaders, we motivate others to step up as well.

National Civics Bee

Citizen Travelers supported the National Civics Bee, an annual competition hosted by The Civic Trust of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation. The National Civics Bee is built on the idea that few things are more important for good citizenship than high-quality civics education. By participating as virtual judges in the essay competition portion of the bees, our employees helped young Americans engage in civics and contribute to their communities.

National Constitution Center

We helped make our constitutional history more accessible by sponsoring free admission to the National Constitution Center museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, over the Memorial Day and Fourth of July weekends. Travelers employees volunteered their time to help at the museum, and visitors participated in interactive exhibits that brought the Constitution to life as well as special programming focused on how a nation commemorates the past.

group photo in front of museum
woman in red shirt at an exhibit table
woman in red shirt smiling in museum gift shop

Improving Academic and Career Success

Empowering our communities by helping students prepare for college and careers.

In 2023, we provided $5.3 million to 74 organizations dedicated to improving academic and career success.

Travelers EDGE®
(Empowering Dreams for Graduation and Employment)

Through this holistic program, we partner with high schools, colleges, universities and community-based organizations to provide students with the resources they need to earn bachelor’s degrees and prepare for careers at Travelers or within the insurance and financial services industry.

Learn more about the program here.

Since 2007:

students have completed bachelor’s degrees.
graduates have obtained full-time positions at Travelers.

During the 2022–2023 academic year:

students completed bachelor’s degrees.
graduates obtained full-time positions at Travelers.

Hear from 2023 keynote speaker Victoria Valle as she discusses her Travelers EDGE journey.

Partnering with ReadyCT

We continued our partnership with ReadyCT, providing a $600,000 grant dedicated to helping Hartford-area high school students gain exposure to professional development opportunities.

In 2023:
Students participated in ReadyCT’s Summer Youth Employability Skills (YES) Summit, where Travelers employees helped students prepare for summer jobs through resume writing and interviewing workshops.
We hosted 30 students from ReadyCT’s G.R.I.T. (Get Ready Immersive Training) program, which provides students with project-based learning experiences in insurance, financial services and technology.
Employees organized a golf clinic for 20 students to teach them about the game.
In the Media

Learn more about the G.R.I.T. program and our involvement through this interview with Rachel Bader, Second Vice President, Multi-National, at Travelers, and Darren Burdette, Weaver High School student.

Watch the interview here.

Mentoring through BestPrep

In 2023, 180+ employees volunteered with BestPrep, a Minnesota-based nonprofit dedicated to preparing students in grades 4-12 with business, career and financial literacy skills.

Employees from our St. Paul office mentored 140+ students. They also served as company coordinators and mentors for the organization’s eMentors and Cloud Coach programs; as mock interviewers; and as Resident Business Leaders at a summer camp.

Travelers’ Kimberly Clayton was recognized with a Volunteer Service Award during BestPrep’s annual luncheon.

Financial Literacy with Junior Achievement

In 2023, we provided $255,000 to 9 Junior Achievement locations in the U.S. and Canada.

More than 270 employees logged 1,400+ volunteer hours supporting their local organizations.

Igniting a Spark with Usher’s New Look

We partner with Usher’s New Look, a nonprofit that helps students in middle school through college find their spark through professional development, leadership building, academic support and community involvement.

2023 Disruptivator Summit

Through our support, 300 students attended a two-day summit where they heard from speakers, networked, attended a career fair and watched performances.

As part of the summit, 30 students visited our office in Alpharetta, Georgia, where employees taught them about the insurance industry.

Supporting the Connecticut Invention Convention

We continued to sponsor 2 awards at the Connecticut Invention Convention (CIC) state finals at the University of Connecticut.

More than 150 Travelers employees helped judge this year’s competition.

We presented 2 Travelers CIC Awards in 2023:

blue scrunchie

Ella M.
6th Grader

Ella won the Travelers Safe Car Award for her “Forget Me Not” invention, which uses a scrunchie with a sensor to alert parents that a child is still in the car.

Ella says: “The ‘Forget Me Not’ improves the world because even if it only helps one child in the entire world not be forgotten, I think it would be more than worth it.”

smoke detector

Lilyanna I.
8th Grader

Lilyanna won the Travelers Safe Home Award for her “Lucas System” invention, named after a classmate who died, along with his grandfather, in a house fire.

Lilyanna took apart a smoke alarm and created a device that she says will “illuminate an entire exit and the trim leading up to it so that if there happens to be a fire in the building that you’re in, you’re able to find an exit easier.”

Developing Thriving Neighborhoods

Empowering our communities by fostering safe, stable neighborhoods.

In 2023, we provided $6.3 million to 61 organizations dedicated to helping our communities thrive.

Travelers Fortifies Communities

Through the Travelers Fortifies Communities program, we continue to partner with Habitat for Humanity, SBP and Team Rubicon to build homes to the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety’s FORTIFIED™ standard.

Habitat for Humanity

In 2023, we supported the construction of 10+ FORTIFIED homes.

Since our partnership began in 2012, we’ve helped build 100+ homes to FORTIFIED standards across the U.S.


We continue to support SBP, a nationally recognized leader in comprehensive disaster resilience and recovery, to rebuild homes in disaster-impacted communities to FORTIFIED standards.

In 2023: Since our partnership began:
96 homes were built to FORTIFIED standards across Puerto Rico and Texas. SBP has built 370+ homes in 8 states with Travelers funding. The organization has also certified 50+ staff members in FORTIFIED building practices.
SBP was also able to regrant $125,000 of Travelers funding to support 8 rebuilding nonprofits. Together, they built an additional 26 homes to FORTIFIED standards in Florida, Louisiana and Texas.
In 2023:
96 homes were built to FORTIFIED standards across Puerto Rico and Texas.
SBP was also able to regrant $125,000 of Travelers funding to support 8 rebuilding nonprofits. Together, they built an additional 26 homes to FORTIFIED standards in Florida, Louisiana and Texas.
Since our partnership began:
SBP has built 370+ homes in 8 states with Travelers funding. The organization has also certified 50+ staff members in FORTIFIED building practices.

Team Rubicon

In 2022, we entered a new, three-year commitment to provide $1.8 million to Team Rubicon’s Rebuild program, which includes low-attention disasters (LADs) — devastating weather events that affect communities but are not large enough in scale to draw the attention of government, media or philanthropic organizations. To date, Team Rubicon has rebuilt 220+ homes in 13 communities across the U.S.

In 2023, Travelers funding helped the organization serve the LAD communities of Selma, Alabama, and Port Lavaca, Texas. Team Rubicon was able to rebuild 12 homes, and every home that needed a new roof received a FORTIFIED roof.

2023 Featured Service Project: There’s No Place Like Home

We partnered with local organizations dedicated to addressing rising homelessness in our communities.

1,200 employees across the U.S., Canada and Europe volunteered 2,200 hours alongside our nonprofit partners to help families move into permanent housing, restore and distribute furniture, prepare and serve lunches, and work in communal gardens.

We also partnered with United Way to assemble health and hygiene kits for those at risk of, or currently experiencing, homelessness.

moving furniture
small group photo in red shirts
large group photo in red shirts
group photo with a heart made of black bags

Driving Opportunity Through Recycled Rides

In 2023, our Claim team worked with the National Auto Body Council® and its Recycled Rides program to donate 7 vehicles to U.S. veterans and active military members, educational institutions and community organizations.

Employees also donated a total of $16,000 to support recipients and their families.

Since our partnership started, we have donated 50+ vehicles to those in need.

white van with a gift bow on top
group photo holding an oversized car key
In the Media
Check out coverage from USA Today, highlighting our car donation to a single father in California.
In the Media
Check out coverage from NBC Connecticut, featuring our van donation to longtime partner Hands On Hartford.

Small Business Support

We continue to collaborate with entrepreneurship support organizations (ESOs) to provide entrepreneurs and small business owners with training, infrastructure support, technical assistance and capital to help their businesses thrive.

In 2023, our ESO partners reached 2+ million entrepreneurs from various industries, with many being small businesses led by women, minorities or veterans. Learn more about some of them below:

Creating Culturally Enriched Communities

Empowering our communities by supporting organizations that enrich lives through arts and culture.

In 2023, we dedicated $3 million to 35 organizations, providing arts and cultural experiences to 6+ million people.

Supporting the Performing Arts

New York City Ballet

We continued our Global sponsorship of New York City Ballet — a partnership that we’ve had since 2014.

Locally, we collaborated with Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art to host an event where 250+ elementary students from Hartford schools had the opportunity to experience the magic of George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker® and learn about careers in ballet.

child looking upward with wonder
young woman in princess dress and tiara on stage
actor with Nutcracker costume on stage
children in theater seats smiling

The Bushnell

We are a co-sponsor of The Bushnell Broadway Series, and we also provide funding for its education programs.

In 2023, our support helped The Bushnell provide arts experiences for 20,000 audience members, including local students.

Ordway Center for the Performing Arts

We are a longtime partner of Ordway Center for the Performing Arts, providing sponsorships and grant support for its education programs.

In 2023, our support helped Ordway provide arts experiences for 30,000 audience members, including local students.

Preserving History at the New England Air Museum

In 2023, we sponsored The Tuskegee Airmen: Their Untold Stories, a new, permanent exhibit at the New England Air Museum. The exhibit tells the extraordinary story of the Tuskegee Airmen and their World War II and post-war experiences, through their children’s testimonies.

black and white photos of historical airmen
aviator jacket in museum display
aviator clothing in museum display
row of glass display cases in a museum

Travelers Art Speaks

Travelers Art Speaks is an employee-focused program that leverages our investment in arts and cultural organizations to spark meaningful and thought-provoking dialogue about diversity and inclusion.

Since its launch, the program has reached 5,200+ employees through 25 experiences, both virtual and in-person.

In 2023, nearly 700 employees attended events hosted by Travelers Arts Speaks. Here are a few examples:
We hosted the Art & Activism at Tougaloo College exhibit at the Amistad Center for Art & Culture, which focused on allyship and the intersection of modern art and social justice.
Employees were invited to view the show “Espejos: Clean,” a bilingual production at the Hartford Stage. Participants stayed afterward to discuss the show with Hartford Stage Artistic Director Melia Bensussen.
Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater demonstrated a virtual dance for employees in celebration of Black History Month.
We celebrated Juneteenth through a virtual commemoration event featuring Homage, an interactive exhibit that explores the significance of Juneteenth through African American historical artifacts.
woman looking at a painting
group of women looking at a painting
group photo in a museum