Thriving Neighborhoods

Travelers employee helping community by volunteering

Strengthening Communities at Their Cores

Ensuring the vitality and resilience of the communities where we live and work is a priority for Travelers. We help to foster thriving neighborhoods by supporting economic development and community programs that help families live safely, find employment and better prepare for natural disasters.

What Our Funding Supports

  • Accessible, Safe Housing. We support organizations and programs that provide permanent housing to create safe, stable neighborhoods in low- and mixed-income communities. 
  • Successful Small Businesses. We fund organizations that develop economic vitality and create and retain wealth in low-income and underserved neighborhoods and communities by assisting the creation and growth of small businesses, with an emphasis on women-, minority- and veteran-owned businesses.
  • Resilient Communities. We support organizations that show leadership in disaster preparation, response and recovery specifically targeted to low-income and limited-asset communities.

Travelers partnered with SBP, a disaster resilience and recovery organization, to take two homes from uninhabitable conditions to move-in ready.

Travelers employees outside with Travelers umbrellas.

The Travelers Small Business Risk Education program is giving women, minority and veteran entrepreneurs the support and insights they need as they pursue the American dream.

Entrepreneurs in a classroom.

Working with multiple nonprofit partners, Travelers is helping construct affordable, FORTIFIEDTM homes that are better able to withstand disasters.

Travelers employees building FORTIFIED home

Travelers is dedicated to encouraging all drivers and passengers to set positive examples behind the wheel and help change attitudes about driving habits.

Yellow taxi cab on a busy city street.

Travelers supports Team Rubicon in deploying emergency response teams while providing veterans with a new sense of purpose, community and identity.

Team Rubicon mobile training center truck parked in a parking lot.

Apply for Funding

Travelers and the Travelers Foundation primarily support initiatives in Travelers’ key cities of Hartford, Connecticut, and St. Paul, Minnesota. To determine eligibility for funding, please read the complete Giving Guidelines that apply to all charitable corporate and foundation contributions made by Travelers.