Travelers Producer Compensation Disclosure (United States)


We primarily sell our insurance products and services through an extensive network of independent insurance agents and brokers, and we consider this the preferred way of distributing our products. We call these independent agents and brokers "producers."

Producers are not our employees. However, producers may receive compensation from us for placing your insurance with us. This is an overview of how we compensate producers.

Producer Compensation

We design our compensation system to encourage producers to sell our products, to assist us in evaluating risks and servicing accounts, and to maintain a volume of profitable business with us. Currently, our compensation programs fall into five basic types: 1) base commissions; 2) contingent compensation; 3) fixed, value-based compensation; 4) business production incentives; and 5) promotional expense reimbursements. We might not pay all these types of compensation, or any compensation, to a producer who places a policy with us.

Ownership Interest in a Producer

Travelers owns Simply Business, Inc., a licensed Producer that we expect to begin operating in several states during late 2017.

For more information, please see this press release.

Additional Information

You can view information on the ranges and types of compensation we pay producers on various products we offer by clicking on the applicable link below.

If you would like additional information regarding compensation arrangements applicable to your account, please contact your insurance broker or your independent insurance agent directly.

Commercial Lines

Personal Lines

The Travelers Indemnity Company and its property casualty insurance affiliates, One Tower Square, Hartford, Connecticut 06183.

Some of our business units provide insurance and related products and services through separate and distinct companies. These include:

  1. First Floridian Auto and Home Insurance Company (Travelers of Florida brand) and The Premier Insurance Company of Massachusetts (Travelers of Massachusetts brand). Policies of these separate companies are not underwritten or guaranteed by other members of the Travelers group of companies.
  2. Personal Insurance automobile insurance in Texas is also offered through Travelers MGA, Inc. and Travelers Texas MGA, Inc., and is underwritten by Consumers County Mutual Insurance Company (CCM). CCM is not a Travelers Company.
  3. Northland Insurance Company and its affiliates (Northland brand).

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