Remarkable Things Happen When People Care

A person taking a photo of a lost dog on a flyer.
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We hope that the value of shared purpose comes through in the brand manifesto. In a world that is all too polarized, our business demonstrates the power of common cause to unite people across distance and differences. Our shared sense of responsibility drives us, and we believe it can unify our communities, too.

Alan Schnitzer, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Who Cares?

The world can sometimes feel full of negative headlines. Yet every day, millions of you are there to help one another, writing a positive story and proving remarkable things happen when people care.


For one company that almost lost it all to a cyberattack, a Travelers employee was the difference between business as usual and irreversible ruin.


One man's recovery after an accident at work, and the Travelers employee who shared his passion for golf and helped get him back on the green.


What would you do to help bring a lost dog home in the wake of an accident? Watch as one Travelers employee goes above and beyond to do just that.

Who Cares About a Lost Ring?

When a customer lost her engagement ring down a city grate, one Travelers employee stopped at nothing to get it back. 

Who Cares About One Small Store?

Days after a hurricane, two Travelers employees faced miles of debris to help turn one small store into a beacon of hope for the community.