Travelers Cyber Academy® - Cybersecurity Training Videos and Resource

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This cybersecurity training program helps businesses and organizations learn about emerging cyber trends, pertinent cybersecurity issues and risk management practices to help mitigate cyber exposures. With Travelers Cyber Academy cybersecurity education courses and videos, businesses can learn from cybersecurity professionals how certain services are effective; review cyber risk scenarios; learn how to work with “white hat” hackers and security researchers to better protect networks, systems and data; prevent credit card fraud and more.

Available videos

Cybersecurity: Wearing the white hat

Learn how 'white hat' hackers and security researchers can help protect networks, systems and data. 

Understanding cyber risk in the cloud

Most businesses use one or more services in the cloud. Cloud-based services can give businesses more processing power, storage and accessible data, but security is still catching up to this evolving technology.

Cybersecurity providers: At your service

Cybersecurity professionals are the best resource for information about the vast array of cybersecurity services available, and how a business can use them effectively. 

Cyber insurance: Protect and prevent

Review cyber insurance coverage provisions, see different coverage scenarios and learn about services that can help your company prevent losses.

IOT in the SMB: Secure the future

Learn how businesses use the Internet of Things (IOT) to build better products, improve operations and even protect employee health and safety. You’ll also learn about IoT-associated risks. 

The SOC: Frontline of cyber defense

Explore a Security Operations Center (SOC) that is responsible for monitoring systems, networks and applications as well as investigating and responding to potential cybersecurity incidents.

PHI: Everywhere you don't realize 

Allow us to demystify protected health information (PHI). Learn what it is and how frequently it appears in records of businesses that are unrelated to healthcare. 

It's in the cards: Payment card security

To protect your business and your customers, you need to understand the risks associated with credit card transactions and how to best prevent credit card fraud.

Ransomware attacks

Learn how ransomware is spread and how businesses have been affected when their data is held hostage. 

After the breach: whom to call, what to do

Hear firsthand from two respected data breach coaches about handling a cyber-related event or data breach.