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Customize e-Carma®

e-CARMA offers a variety of data sorting and filtering options to deliver you the results you need and in a format you prefer, whether that's a PDF, Excel spreadsheet or screen images dropped into Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. You'll be able to collect data unique to your business, including location coding, which can be easily updated, and merge data from any carrier or third-party administrator into your database.

e-CARMA Claim Alerts allow you to select categories of claim activity, customize them so that they are the most meaningful to you, and establish alerts for others with the option of selecting different criteria for each recipient.

Dashboard technology

e-CARMA offers dashboard technology — multiple summary level reports and graphics in a single display — enabling you to identify trends that drive loss costs, and keep relevant claim management, risk control and financial indicators right in view. Choose from:

  • Executive dashboard — Snapshots of company-wide, executive level loss outcomes and loss drivers.
  • Loss analysis dashboard — Enables you to drill down through data to uncover trends.
  • Red flags dashboard — Identifies "red flag" claim events impacting loss costs.
  • Performance dashboard — Enables you to measure results against goals; review outcome trends, frequency/severity analyses, "company at a glance" financials; and identify key performance indicators using multiple dimensions, and more.
  • Dashboard customization — Tailor reports and graphs to fit your company's needs using multiple sorting and limiting options; modify your data as your business and information needs change.

You can also run reports for peer benchmarking, detailed payment analyses, managed care data, exposures (man-hours, payroll, sales, auto units) and triangles, which gather into one report all the historical points you need to complete an actuarial analysis of loss.

Easy to use

The intuitive design, pull down menus and icons of e-CARMA make it easy to use. You'll be able to:

  • Move from summary to detail without re-running reports (with our "executive drilldown" feature).
  • Save the parameters of reports you run often. No need to recreate the wheel.
  • Run reports and graphs automatically with the dashboard technology.
  • Schedule reports to be run and distributed automatically on a regular basis (e.g., monthly, quarterly, and yearly).
  • Give secured access to anyone in your organization.

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