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Travelers Client AdvantageSM

Explore the Travelers Client Advantage for Mid-sized Businesses.

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Travelers Client Advantage provides customized protection for all customers based on exposures they may face every day.

Our industry expertise along with a deep understanding of the needs of mid-sized businesses, ensures we deliver a service plan that is designed specifically for them. Customers benefit from:

  • Valuable service offerings that increase ease of doing business
  • Tailored solutions for unique exposures
  • Cost savings associated with complimentary, value-added services
  • Informed decision making about business operations based on analysis of exposures, losses, and trends
  • Minimized business disruption due to timely, accurate claim resolution

…so they can do what they do best - run their business!


Risk Assessment services that provide practical, prioritized recommendations for the customer, based on our highly experienced workforce's industry knowledge.

  • Assessment of business risk by a qualified consultant
  • Interaction with highly experienced professionals who know an industry's unique exposures
  • More than 750 Risk Control consultants countrywide
  • Practical, prioritized, recommended actions, based on risk assessment findings
  • Access to full-time, dedicated technical specialists for unique or complex exposures

Loss-focused Risk Control services, that provide a variety of solution options for customers interested in controlling losses and keeping expenses in check.

  • Access to Travelers' industry-leading Risk Control website, featuring over 1,500 useful products (
  • Industry-specific resources (TravSources®) and self-assessment tools (Travelers Virtual Risk ManagerSM)
  • Practical training and education for supervisors and employees (webinar, classroom, and self-paced options)

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