Travelers Client Advantage

Travelers Client Advantage provides customized protection for all customers based on exposures they may face every day.

Our industry expertise along with a deep understanding of the needs of mid-sized businesses, ensures we deliver a service plan that is designed specifically for them. Customers benefit from:

  • Valuable service offerings that increase ease of doing business.
  • Tailored solutions for unique exposures.
  • Cost savings associated with complimentary, value-added services.
  • Informed decision making about business operations based on analysis of exposures, losses, and trends.
  • Minimized business disruption due to timely, accurate claim resolution.

Loss Prevention Solutions

With more than 100 years of risk expertise, Travelers is uniquely positioned to help our customers manage the risks they face every day. Here are some ways Travelers can help you keep your employee and business safe.

  • 500+ Risk Control professionals with industry experience, including dedicated technical specialists for unique or complex exposures.
  • Real-time access to safety professionals via screen-sharing through our Risk Control On-Demand® consulting.
  • Safety Academy classes and workshops led by Risk Control specialists at locations around the country.
  • Industrial hygiene lab consulting, comprehensive analytical services and equipment loan program.

Easily accessible tools and resources designed to help you manage your risks 24/7 at

  • Safety program self-assessments.
  • Inspection checklists.
  • 1,000+ risk management guides, supervisor talks, training programs, videos and webinars.
  • Safety alliances that offer products, services and training at special rates to Travelers customers.

Superior Claim Resolution

General Liability

  • Specialists who know specific industries and their exposures help improve GL claim outcomes.
  • Dedicated teams handle low exposure claims resulting in 60% closing without pay and 95% staying closed.
  • 24 claim centers across the country - you get a Travelers professional, not a third party.
  • Medical, engineering, legal, and fraud detection resources help control loss costs and reduce insurance costs.
  • Prompt and fair payments bring claims to the earliest possible resolution, resulting in fewer lawsuits.


  • Dedicated property adjusters across the country ensure expertise from a Travelers professional, not a third party.
  • Industry-leading catastrophe response model can put customers back in business as soon as possible.
  • Experienced and highly-skilled professionals in our major case unit handle the most severe and sensitive claims.

Workers Compensation

  • Highly specialized TravComp® model applies dedicated resources to each phase of the claim, to manage return to work and future cost of risk.
    • Claim professionals and dedicated nurses work closely throughout process.
      • Experts at determining compensability, the single most important decision in the life of the claim — sustained denial rate of 18% (vs. 10% for the industry).1
      • "Sports medicine" approach gets employees "back in the game" - 67% return within 30 days.1
  • Comprehensive strategy to manage medical payout.
    • Specialized Medical Audit Review team identifies medical bill savings.
    • Pharmacy management strategy monitors drug interactions, excessive dosing and abuse patterns resulting in a 44% savings.1


  • Real-time dispatch technology from our 24 auto claim centers facilitates a physical inspection of over 90% of damaged vehicles (most within 48 hours).
  • Early resolution and direct settlement strategies in place to settle severe claims as quickly as possible.
  • Experienced group of professionals dedicated to heavy equipment inspections minimizes business interruption.

Extensive Loss Analytics

Access to Real-Time Claim Files

  • Complete details about the claim.
  • Detail payments, current reserves and reserve history (easily exportable into Excel).
  • Email capability to communicate with your Travelers claim team.

Access to Flexible Loss Analysis Tool

  • Library of summary and detail reports to understand where changes are needed.
  • Discover where and how losses occurred.
  • Analyze trends that drive loss costs.

High Quality Policy Services

We are committed to providing prompt, knowledgeable and productive interactions with our business partners and insureds with:

  • Over 1,000 service reps averaging over 15 years experience.
  • Local presence with 69+ locations country-wide.
  • 90% of policies issued within 25 days of effective date.
  • 90% of endorsements processed within 30 days of receipt.


1 2009 accidents evaluated as of 12/31/09

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