Roadside Assistance for Business

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The road is an uncertain place. If your business has vehicles on the road, chances are one of them will eventually experience a problem, potentially leaving your customers and driver stranded. With Roadside Assistance Coverage, you can have peace of mind knowing that help is just a phone call away.

Accessing your Roadside Assistance

With Roadside Assistance, you no longer need to find a nearby service provider or pay out of pocket for covered services when an incident occurs. Simply call the phone number on the roadside coverage card or vehicle ID card and a service professional will be dispatched to your location. 

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Roadside Assistance covers:

  • Towing or flatbed transport (up to 100 miles) 

  • Winching 

  • Jump-starting a dead battery 

  • Changing a flat tire 

  • Key lock-out service 

  • Delivery of fuel, oil, water or other vehicle fluids* 

*Coverage does not cover the cost of supplies, replacement parts, fuel, other fluids or any labor performed at the service or repair facility. 

Roadside Assistance is available for customers who have comprehensive or specified causes of loss coverage in any state, except Alaska. Eligible vehicles include passenger vehicles, light trucks (up to 10,000 pounds GVW) and service/utility trailers (with a load capacity of 2,000 pounds or less).

Towing and Labor coverage is available for vehicle types not covered by Roadside Assistance. Both coverages (Towing and Labor and Roadside Assistance) can be on a single policy. 

The payment process for Towing and Labor coverage is different than the payment process for Roadside Assistance coverage. Towing and Labor coverage requires customers to locate and obtain towing/labor services on their own and pay out of pocket; customers should retain a receipt/invoice and may then submit a claim for consideration of reimbursement up to their applicable policy limit.

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