Navigating the Auto Estimate and Repair Process

Travelers has a variety of ways to help you obtain an estimate in order to determine the value of your vehicle’s damage. You always have the right to choose where your vehicle will be repaired. You may also ask your Claim professional for help with an option that best fits your needs. For more information, see below.

Auto estimate and repair options for customers


ConciergeCLAIM is Travelers one-stop option for estimates and auto repairs. After you receive an estimate, you can choose to stay for repairs that are guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle.

Estimate Review

Generally, when your vehicle has minor damage and is drivable, it is possible for us to evaluate the damage using photos of the vehicle damage and the estimate prepared by the shop of your choice. In these cases, we will work with either you or directly with your repair facility to obtain a copy of the estimate and photos.

To assist you with the required photos, please see the examples below.

Preferred (photo taken straight-on; focused on damage)

auto preferred 1

Unusable photo (taken from bad angle; unable to see damage)

auto unusable 1

Preferred photo (taken at a distance; focused on damage)

auto preferred 2

Unusable photo (taken from bad angle and too close to see any damage)

auto unusable 2

Preferred photo (in focus and clearly showing damage to vehicle)

auto preferred 3

Unusable photo (blurry; out of focus)

auto unusable 3

Scheduled inspection

Typically, a Travelers staff appraiser or Heavy Equipment Technical Specialist can come to your location of choice, inspect the vehicle and provide an estimate on the spot that outlines the necessary repairs.

Once your vehicle is at a shop being repaired, it is possible that additional damages may be found. Your repair facility will contact Travelers directly to discuss any supplement to your original estimate. Travelers will work with you and your chosen repair facility to make sure quality repairs are performed on your vehicle. If you have any questions about your estimate or the repair process, contact your Travelers Claim professional.