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For an employee who is injured at work, navigating the workers compensation claim process can be confusing.

An injured employee meeting face-to-face with a Travelers ConciergeCLAIM® Nurse provides the injured employee with a better understanding of the claim process and an explanation of next steps, leading to a better claim outcome.

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How Does It Work? Our Nurses:

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Meet in person with the injured employee to discuss their injury and the treatment plan developed by the treating physician

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Explain the injured employee’s responsibilities in the claim process, including the importance of attending medical appointments

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Partner with the treating physician, the employer and the injured employee to identify potential opportunities for return to work, including temporary modified or alternative-duty work

Travelers: ConciergeCLAIM Nurse Customer Testimonial

The Travelers ConciergeCLAIM Nurse program provides injured employees support and guidance throughout the workers compensation claim process.

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Meeting face-to-face enables us to build trust with the patient more effectively, and I believe it’s because of that trust that we’re seeing the claim outcomes that we are.

- Sarah Grace, Registered Nurse, ConciergeCLAIM Nurse program in Connecticut