TravPay® - Workers Compensation Pay-as-You-Go Billing Solution

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TravPay – workers compensation pay-as-you-go billing solution

TravPay is a pay-as-you-go solution for your business to link your payroll directly to your workers compensation premiums, eliminating the guesswork of trying to estimate annual payrolls. It allows for real-time workers compensation premium calculations based on your reported payrolls and requires no down payment, which can help improve cash flow for your business. TravPay is a free billing option for many providers. To automate payroll reporting with Premier Payroll Connections partners, customers will have the option to enroll with a third party for a $240 annual fee.

Why TravPay?

Benefits to businesses include: 

  • No down payment
  • Real-time workers compensation premium calculations
  • Improved cash flow for businesses
  • Automatic premium deductions

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